Kate Bagenzo

Site Design

[computing in 2024]

a computer, stool, and plant sat on a floating cube

a commission with container magazine. virtual collage gallery on being a user/hacker/engineer in 2024.

i made both the gallery itself (with vue) as well as creating the artworks.

Middle Sea Software

a dithered image of the iberian peninsula

a place for my game collaborations with fotocopiadora.

small SPA made with vue

ClaymoreGwen's Portfolio

an electrical transformer

the page of a lovely visual artist. mostly static site, with some python code to generate thumbnails and some JS to make an image gallery.

Domino Gallery

a series of dominos with game images on them

a website for domino club, the game collective. made in hugo. coding contributions by me, sean and candle, featuring collaboration and input from the entire collective

i was responsible for putting together the design of the site.

Mariken Drawinge

a curled up mouse

mariken didn't have any css for her website, so i scurried along and made something quickly. like a mouse.


Bagenzo's House

a photorealistic red brick house with a red front door, yellow tile roof, and two windows with green curtains

my personal website. intentionally designed as a web 1.0 throwback. it's a lot sillier than this site; mostly focused on personal hobbies.


Myst Camera

the red book from myst, displaying a page of static

have you ever wanted to be stuck in one of the trap books from myst(1993)? now, you can

js webcam app that lets you record a short .webm inside a myst book

Katey's Picture Day

a dithered black and white image of a hand doing a peace sign

it's picture day! put on the fancy outfit your mom left out and go to school - so she can pay lifetouch $300 for a bunch of wallet sized photos of you. ah, the memories!

a small js webcam app for taking dithered pictures

Selected Game Work

Domino Club

a domino gamepiece reading 3 over 5

digital artist collective doing anonymous game jams. i have participated since the group's inception in 2021. originally inspired by BELIEVEINTHENET 1jam.

a circle of charity

a visual novel about three women and how they (try to) take care of each other. a very intense story about the desire to be a source of nurturing and love.

made with spectacles engine

elegy unhumun

a cutaway of a white tree with a fleshy red interior, and green roots

the last moments of a woman dying, a recording that has long since been corrupted. an obtuse platformer in megazeux.

for domino club METAL AND FLESH jam.

windows xp meteorite covenant

a dark hallway in a maze. the floors are blue and orange. an orb floats towards the left

recover your lost love in a mysterious software labyrinth.

for domino club SUBTERRANEAN jam, with fotocopiadora

kate sees your future

a spread of three tarot cards: the high priestess, the star, and the tower

virtual tarot simulator. receive a guided reading from yours truly.

rpgmaker game, can be replayed for different readings


pixel art of a black shovel in a green field. there is a hole in the top right

a story of uncovering family secrets, filtered through the world of tony domenico's petscop.

short bitsy game

mother of monsters

pixel art of red and pink circle. two blank cards are laid to the west and north of the circle

mysterious story of deceit and dueling in a strange place, told by flipping over cards.

made in gb studio

for domino club DOMINO jam

madotsuki's closet

a hooded figure standing in the boardwalks of a japanese zen garden, looking at the water

autobiographical game about discovering myself through the internet, video games, and numerous other topics

made in bitsy and twine

All Solo Work

pixelart of a yellow eye floating above a purple sky

since 2018 i have been releasing games on itch.io

you can find the rest of my games there.



hareraiser ii

a purple maze obscured by red fog

exploring a possible alternate reality for hareraiser (1984), a controversial and nonsensical game with a treasure hunt behind it

for undo jam

crime life crime wave

a man holding a rocket launcher overlooking a house and an exploding car

a small story about growing up making videogames, the old gamemaker game crimelife 2, and the mysterious things that haunt the childhood subconscious

for forgotten games essay jam